While the individual company, business sector, and environment may vary, the Blue Hackle approach discreetly and professionally provides consistent low visibility, low impact security services .


Blue Hackle understands the challenges.  Businesses in a variety of different Commercial Sectors – media, construction, life support, airports, and banking – need a comprehensive solution to establish and mitigate risk to personnel and assets.   A commercial business has the widest variety of challenges and needs a security provider who not only understands the unique requirements of the sector, but is also adept at aligning the host country and individual business interests.  Blue Hackle supports commercial clients in the U.S., Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.  We thoroughly understand the unique challenges of these regions. 


Blue Hackle has the personnel to meet the challenges.  Complex security requirements demand highly trained and knowledgeable personnel who can meet the challenges from Day One.  Blue Hackle employs mature professionals who are culturally acclimated and comfortable in the region and environment.  Since 2004 Blue Hackle employees have secured many commercial companies in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and some countries in South America and Asia.  Our personnel will:

We recruit, train, and retain only the highest caliber security personnel and other professionals to secure lives, protect assets, and reduce risk.  Please click here for more information about why Blue Hackle leadership and staff are qualified to help you with all commercial security needs.


Blue Hackle lowers the risk.  The most effective security is multi-layered and multi-dimensionalMulti-layered security is the physical, human, and electronic means to manage, mitigate, and minimize security risks.  Multi-dimensional security involves security capabilities beyond mitigating immediate risks.  Blue Hackle pioneered this form of analysis technique, and will optimize it to meet your security needs in the following ways:





Blue Hackle brings added value.  Blue Hackle operates globally and has considerable strength and experience protecting personnel and assets for private corporations.  We know the major challenges that affect commercial facilities and are dedicated to protecting people and ensuring success.

Our commitment to our corporate philosophy allows us to bring  added value.  Learn more about the Blue Hackle philosophy here.