International Governments, operating at home or abroad, need transparent, flexible security support services to conduct business and missions, uninterrupted and without disruption by local criminal and terrorist threats.  Blue Hackle will provide complete and turnkey security solutions to secure your operations with experienced former special forces/military staff who understand your mission, requirements, policies, and regulations at home or abroad.  We provide these services discreetly, professionally and globally.


Blue Hackle understands your challenges.  International Governments and their associated agencies and representatives need comprehensive solutions to establish quality risk mitigation strategies and security support to secure physical and personnel assets.  Poor or aggressive security can lead to political consequences that will negatively impact mission critical goals where you operate.  The security challenges where government facilities operate can change from geographic region to region, and may include the following:


Blue Hackle has the personnel to meet your challenges.   Your complex security requirements demand highly trained and knowledgeable personnel and leaders who can meet your challenges from Day One.  We will provide mature professionals who are culturally acclimated and comfortable in the region and environment in which you operate.  Since 2004, Blue Hackle has successfully executed International Government security contracts in remote, austere, and high-risk security environments like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Our personnel will:

We recruit, train, and retain only the highest caliber security personnel and other professionals to secure lives, protect assets, and reduce risk.  Please click here for more information about why Blue Hackle leadership and staff are qualified to help you with all your security needs.


Blue Hackle will lower your risk.  The most effective security is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Multi-layered security is the physical, human, and electronic means to manage, mitigate, and minimize security risks.   Multi-dimensional security involves security capabilities beyond mitigating immediate risks.  Blue Hackle has pioneered this form of analysis and operational technique, and will optimize it to your requirements to meet your security needs.





Blue Hackle brings added value.  Wherever your mission takes you there is a need for a turnkey suite of protective security solutions to understand risk in daily operations – whether it is in a city center, various sites, disparate locations, or emergency situations.  Blue Hackle also brings local in-depth knowledge, management, and assessments of current risk and vulnerability so International Governments can operate seamlessly in volatile areas globally.  We work closely with your organization or Ministry to improve understanding of the environments in which you operate and deliver reliable rapid response teams when and how you need them.  Our professionalism and low-profile approach will secure your people, mission and success.

Our commitment to our corporate philosophy is what allows us to bring this added value to you.  Learn more about the Blue Hackle philosophy here.