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Non-profits and NGOs need a team of committed security personnel to protect the lives of not only aid workers, but the lives of displaced families and refugees at risk in highly contentious environments.  Blue Hackle’s attentiveness and flexibility to rapidly changing conditions ensures that aid is distributed and progress continues, day by day.  We provide these services discreetly, professionally, and globally. 


Blue Hackle understands your challenges.  Because you go where the need is greatest and the risks are high, your work includes daily threats of volatile and unstable situations in fragile environments.  Poverty, extremism, civil unrest, migration, and the breakdown of law all can endanger the lives of your personnel and deter your mission to better the lives of others.  The security challenges for Non-profits and NGOs may include the following:


Blue Hackle has the personnel to meet your challenges.   Non-profits and NGOs have complex personnel security and asset protection requirements that demand security that both your organization and local population knows and trusts.  Since 2004, Blue Hackle employees helped secure humanitarian organizations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Haiti.  Our staff includes experienced UK and U.S. Expats who are knowledgeable and have extensive Special Operations, intelligence, security, anti-terrorism, and counter-terrorism credentials.  Our personnel will:

We recruit, train, and retain only the highest caliber security personnel and other professionals to secure lives, protect assets, and reduce risk.  Please click here for more information about why Blue Hackle leadership and staff are qualified to help you with all your Non-profit and/or NGO security needs.


Blue Hackle will lower your risk.  The most effective security is multi-layered and multi-dimensional.  Multi-layered security is the physical, human, and electronic means to manage, mitigate, and minimize security risks.  Multi-dimensional security involves security capabilities beyond mitigating immediate risks.  Blue Hackle has pioneered this form of analysis and operational technique, and will optimize it to your industry to meet your security needs.  We provide these services discreetly, professionally, and globally.





Blue Hackle brings added value.  Blue Hackle operates globally and has considerable strength and experience protecting personnel and assets for Non-profits/NGOs. We are currently providing this service globally and know the major challenges that affect relief, aid, and social services agencies.  Our integrated delivery of outreach, engagement, and security will enable you to operate successfully in fractured and traumatized societies.  We are committed to protect the lives of not only your personnel, but the lives of displaced families and refugees at risk in the highly contentious environments where you work.  Our attentiveness and flexibility in adapting to rapidly changing conditions will ensure that aid is distributed and progress continues without interruptions.  We are dedicated to secure your lives, secure your humanitarian mission, and secure your success in the future.

Our commitment to our corporate philosophy is what allows us to bring this added value to you.  Learn more about the Blue Hackle philosophy here.