Founded in 2004 in Great Britain, Blue Hackle transitioned to a wholly-owned American company in 2011.  Headquartered in Laurel Springs, New Jersey, and with major operations in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Africa, Blue Hackle provides the most capable, reliable, and discreet security services across Energy, Government, Foreign Government, Commercial, Diplomatic, and Non-Profit sectors.

Blue Hackle is an innovative, minimally intrusive, low-profile security solution designed for challenging and complex environments.  We employ the most highly trained individuals in their respective fields.  Many of our employees are former U.S. and UK Special Operations Forces, with experience coordinating with foreign governments and local communities where we provide protection.  To date, our clients have suffered no loss of their people or assets using our services.

We strive to continuously expand our government and commercial sectors and in so doing we have become the preferred security solution for firms operating across the globe in an age of uncertainty and persistent danger. 


Blue Hackle was created with a commitment to our client’s mission: to safely and discreetly execute security activities while providing the flexibility to deliver rapid turnkey protection and risk mitigation services.

Client-centric solutions are the driving force behind Blue Hackle’s security.  We strive to deliver reliable, trustworthy, and low-profile protection that ensures our customers blend into their environment without drawing attention to their presence or putting their mission at risk.

We ensure our approach is low-profile, and we strive to work by, with and through the local communities where our customers operate.  Our approach means that we give back to the local economies by using local vendors and partners to the maximum extent possible.  This effective collaboration with community leaders is not only socially responsible, but the best way to build a secure and stable operating environment for our clients.